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Moving into a new Home

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Moving seems really easy sometimes. The word basically tells you it’s the process of transferring things from one place to another and wouldn’t we like it to be that easy too? You have now rented or purchased your new house and its transfer time. In the weeks or days leading up to the move (depending on how fast or slow you plan to move), you would need some tips for a seamless move.
Some things might still go wrong, but these tips covers the basics and the complicated:

DO have a fantastic packing system
With the stress that already follows the moving process, having a packing system would be your best bet. It simply allows for clarity and the ability to locate things easily and fast. There’s a permanent clutter that comes with moving things and a personalized packing system is great to keep your sanity.



DO clean your space before moving in
A few days to moving in, make sure to rid your new house of dust and any other thing that might be calling your name. It reduces the impending stress you are going to face when setting up. You don’t want to have to deal with dirt after striving hard to determine where your desk will sit or in which corner should your globe go. Also, a clean space helps for a cozy feel. Ticking this off your list will make your items smile, knowing that they’re in a better place.



DO setup a place for packing
Have a designated corner for packing, because of clarity. While trying to pack things from your old house, have a corner in each room – where you can put everything you intend to move. This is also where you do a final “spring” cleaning of your things. It’s where you decide what gets to go and what gets to stay. Having things in one corner f each room, helps for better sorting and easier packing. Packing-by-room also allows for a better organization of your things.



DO measure your new home in advance
You sincerely do not want your table gaping out your room door. In addition to imagining where your pieces will go, it will be best to also measure some of your items; for example – furniture, to know what amount of space is needed for them to fit and look the way you want them. This sounds like a lot of work, but you can’t underestimate how much creativity can come from measuring spaces to fit your things.



DON’T forget to do a final inspection
This should have been the first point, but I was busy sharing the good news first. MAKE SURE you check everything and everywhere in your new home before you move. Make sure the pipes are fine, water is running well, the wiring is good – you might need to hire professionals like plumbers and electricians to check these out. We all love to DIY, especially when it comes to having our ideas come to life, but this should be left to experience. The importance of this cannot be overemphasized. You don’t want to go through the entire stress of moving in and arranging things in your new home and want to take a leak at midnight to find out water isn’t running!

DON’T forget to supervise
Mark fragile items, so the movers (if you’re using one – it’s recommended you do) know how to carry what. Label your boxes efficiently and make a note of everything you have boxed. Supervise the loading and unloading of your things. If moving will require a few trips to the new house, have someone you trust, stay at either houses so that they can supervise the loading/unloading process of your pieces. Make sure you don’t pack anything away unless they’re accounted for. Things tend to either go missing or break while moving.



DON’T overlook electronics
Try as much as possible to get an electrician to set up electronics for you. You could also take note of, or take pictures of the setup at your former home to have an idea of how things should be, if you want to go the DIY route. Some parts of the house might need a professional eye and electronics can be very tricky, so it is recommended you employ the services of an electrician, so that you don’t have to tell sad stories later.



DON’T get overwhelmed
Moving houses is a huge decision. It takes time, energy, focus and could also serve you emotions. Try not to get overwhelmed, because you might. Apart from people, houses also have memories and you might want to take a minute to sit down and look at your empty “ex-home”, while sipping some wine and eating popcorns. That’s normal, but you shouldn’t do that on moving day. Set a day apart – two or three before moving day – for the emotions. You will be amazed at how much goodbyes and moving on speeches you could exchange with your old house.



DON’T hire movers without meeting them
While they’re professionals and experienced in moving, make sure you meet them physically to discuss the moving process and every detail. You also want to know the people who are moving your things.



DON’T forget to enjoy your new home
You’re practically all moved in now. You have said goodbye to your former house and are going to start a new life with your new home. Enjoy it. Twirl or waltz for thirty minutes if you have to. Here’s to the new memories you’ll make here. Have fun!

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